5th Baltic Archaeological Seminar


On 27 – 29 October 2011 a joint seminar of the Baltic and Finnish archaeologists "ARCHAEOLOGY TODAY: THINGS TO BE CHANGED" took place at the Institute of History and Archaeology of the University of Tartu. The two-day seminar consisted of interesting presentations in respect of new research and study trends in the archaeology of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.




Thursday, 27th of October


~12.00 Arrival at Tartu

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Opening of the Seminar (Jakobi 2-213) 14.45 Things to be Changed

Andris Šne „Writing Prehistory in the Modern World: Current Research Trends in Latvian Archaeology”

15.15 Relationship Between Materiality and Past Practises

Elīna Gušička „The Flat Burials in the Area of Barrow Cemeteries of the Early Iron Age in Latvia: The Use of the Cemeteries in the Reconstructions of the Past”

Ester Oras „From Materialities to Practice“

Tiina Kuokkanen and Anna-Kaisa Salmi “Archaeologies of Embodiment in Early Modern Oulu“

16.45 Coffee Break

17.15 Interpreting the Past with New Thinking

Satu Koivisto „Time and the Use of Ethnoarchaeological Analogy – A Wetland Archaeological Approach“

Valdis Bēziņš “When we Started Farming: Early Food Production as Perceived in Latvia”

18.15 Closing of the First Day of the Seminar

19.00 Dinner

~20.00 Excursion around Tartu

Friday, 28th of October


09.30 Religion – New Approaches in Archaeology

Algimantas Merkevičus “Late Prehistoric Religion in the Southern Part of the East Baltic Region. New Reconstruction Possibilities”. 

Sonja Hukantaival "Understanding Past Actions - Changing Attitudes Towards Ritual and Everyday life“

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Theory in archaeology – New Approaches

Jaak Mäll “How to Resist Change and Avoid "Paradigm Shifts" or a Rational Approach to Archaeology”

Marko Marila “Pragmaticism “The New Possibility of a Scientific Archaeology“

Eero Muurimäki „Scientific Realism as a Necessary Prerequisite for Archaeological Interpretative Studies“

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Methodology - Enhancement and Use

GiedrėMotuzaitėMatuzevičūė „Securing the Timeline of our Past: Concerns and Perspectives of Radiocarbon dating in the east Baltic“

Rūta Kačutė “Use of Correspondence Analysis in Archaeology" 

Romas Jarockis "Settlement Archaeology and non-invasive Approach".

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Multi-faced Role of an Archaeologist in Contemporary Society

Helena Kaldre and Liis Livin "Fossil fields and Ethics in Archaeology“

Ingrid Ulst ”Challenges and Opportunities in the Protection of Archaeological Heritage. The Case of Estonia”

17.00 Coffee Break

17.30 Discussion and Closing of the Seminar

19.00 Dinner

~20.00 Party (at Jakobi 2)


Saturday, 29th of October


09.30 Bus round-trip in Tartu County. Meeting point: in front of Tartu Hotel (Soola 3)

~13.00 Lunch Break on the Road

~15.00 Arriving back to Tartu