The project "Youth Development through Awareness Raising and Inclusion in Archaeology" aims at the inclusion of school children and young people in the activities of archaeology and introduction of archaeology to them. This objective serves to: (i) develop the potential and interest of young people in becoming involved in archaeology; (ii) promote joint events for establishing contacts between young people of interest in history and cultural heritage; and (iii) increase youth participation and care for local heritage through greater awareness.


In the frames of the project there will be information sessions in archaeology held, respective information materials produced and distributed. Also, an interactive exhibition of archaeology for youth will be prepared for the Night of Science. This would help informing young people about the issues of archaeology, including them in the form of museum education and design their development potential in respect of activiteis in archaeology, including archaeology as an interesting discipline of science and field of further studies. The main  target group of the project is formed by young people studying in elementary schools and gymnasiums of Tartu county.


The project will last from 1 August 2011 to 1 May 2012. The project is financed in frames of LEADER priorities.