MTÜ Arheopolis aims at contributing to the development and promotion of areas which are important from the perspective of societal development - education, science, culture, migration, environmental protection and social field - in the form of trainings, public awareness raising, exhibitions, publications and information materials, research activities, events, etc.


The main activities in the areas of the organisation are the planning, preparation, implementation and further development of projects, seeking funding for them, establishing and keeping the respective networks.  Through its activities the organisation seeks to identify the issues which are important from the perspective of societal development but have so far been addressed only to very limited extent. The organisation seeks to create and include ideas and resources for responding to those issues, thereby establishing sustainable support to the development of the society as a whole. Among others, one of the priorities of the organisation is to develop the understanding of Estonian schoolchildren and youth with regard to important societal areas and introduce to them such issues which are not explained in school.